Ranier Precision Dri-Z-Air DZA-13 Replacement Crystals Package
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Use with Ranier Precision Dri-Z-Air Moisture Remover.
  • Dri-Z-Air removes moisture from the interiors of trailers and campers during periods of storage or lay-up
  • Keeps moisture from clothes, sheets, shoes, etc.
  • Also prevents condensation on windows, walls, and ceilings
  • Refill for the air pot (0848-7001)
  • 13-ounce
The Dri-Z-Air unit does not have to be emptied until all the crystals have dissolved. The liquid in the bowl will not evaporate, but will continue to collect moisture. We do want to caution not to spill the liquid, since it collects moisture. If you have the Dri-Z-Air units where they might get bumped or kicked, please put the unit on a Dri-Z-Air tray or in a plastic bowl to catch any spills.

How do I dispose of the liquid in the Dri-Z-Air unit after all the crystals have dissolved?
If you are on a city sewer system, dump the liquid down the toilet. If you are on a septic system, place the collected liquid in a plastic jug and dispose it I your garbage. Do not dump it in your holding tank as the liquid can be corrosive to metal.
  • Condition: New

Ranier Precision Dri-Z-Air DZA-13 Replacement Crystals Package

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